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How we leverage technology
to drive partnerships for climate action throughout the supply chain

Supply chain solutions for Hershey - CocoaLink

A smart mobile application that provides training and learning resources to young farmers and agriculture support staff.

Over 3,000 farmers within Hershey’s supply chain use the Mergdata app to learn about climate change and its detrimental effect on the cocoa sector. The app provides:

  • Courses on a variety of topics such as financial literacy, poultry farming

  • Location-specific climate-smart cocoa advice 

  • Gamified content

  • Quizzes

  • Weather updates

  • Local and international news on the cocoa sector


ETG - Beyond Beans

ETG - Beyond Beans - Farmerline is providing Mergdata technology platform for ETG - Beyond Beans to ensure sustainable sourcing and traceability within it supply chain in Africa and Latin America.


Through this partnership, Farmerline will be reaching and impacting over 75,000 smallholder farmers 

Technology enablement  for True Moringa

Farmerline supports True Moringa, with our technology platform and tools. They use Farmerline's Mergdata technology to complement their extension support and digitize over 5,000 farming families to facilitate access to the global market for the crops they grow. 


True Moringa is an agribusiness that is providing core services farmers need to profitably cultivate superfood crops in high demand in the local and global market. 

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