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How we work with Development Partners
to drive scalable climate action

Partnership with AGRA, funded by USAID

Farmerline is implementing a Digital Extension Project, funded by USAID, with the purpose of closing the technology gap and ensuring smallholder farmers (SHFs) receive relevant support including climate advice. The use of digital extension technologies provides cost-effective tailored solutions to improve SHFs' access to and use of information.

Using the Community-Based Advisors (CBAs) model and local Agric Extension Agents (AEAs) the project is supporting to be able to venture into many agribusiness opportunities.




Farmerline supported the Mennonite Economic Development Associates (​MEDA)  on the GROW project which aims to address the needs of women smallholder farmers in Northern Ghana, to become viable economic partners and to embrace innovative adaptive measures to ensure sustainable household food security and livelihoods


Farmerline delivered best General agricultural practice (GAP), market and financial tips, and weather forecasts in 3 local languages, while training and sensitizing lead farmers. 

USAID/ ACDI/VOCA Partnership

Farmerline led weather content dissemination efforts targeting the 5 northernmost regions as well the Ashanti and Brong Ahafo regions of Ghana. This geographical selection covers a significant section of Ghana’s farming regions, with an estimated 10,000 farmers forming a part of this project.


The smallholder farmers receive weather calls in 10 local languages; Twi, Dagbani, Gonja, Guruni, Buli, Kassim, Kusaasi, Wali, Sisaali and Dagaare.

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