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How we partner with
financial institutions
to co-create scalable solutions

Farmerline in partnership with FBN Bank and ABSA has launched innovations to support farmers and agribusinesses with the required inputs and assets for their farms. This initiative aims to support and transform farmer groups into self-support groups, promote financial inclusion, and savings habits, and increase access to credit and other relevant financial services.

The partnership is expected to yield lasting results and reduce the contribution of thousands of smallholder farmers to climate change

Accessing Finance

Farmerline is devising more efficient, cost-effective, and customized financial solutions to unlock credit and manage risks for smallholder farmers. Models in this section focus on alternative finance providers, specialized financial intermediaries, and index-based agricultural microinsurance. Farmerline catalyzes financial institutions to lend more to smallholder farmers by de-risking the process through clear and transparent records.

Improving Productivity


Limited access to technology, lack of productivity

enhancement inputs, low awareness about farming best practices, and weak links across the agricultural value chain constraints smallholder farmers. With Farmerline's user-friendly ICT applications, non-ICT extensions and capacity-building services, coupled with affordable financing, SHFs are set to use yield-enhancing solutions more effectively.

Increasing Post-Harvest Value


The short shelf life of some agricultural produce, the risk of spoilage, pest attacks, and quality deterioration lead to distressed sales and lower prices for smallholder farmers. This partnership will provide post-harvest services that offer processing and packaging solutions to increase shelf life and storage solutions that target different types of agricultural produce.

Supply Chain and Market Linkages

supply chain.png

Poor connections to markets impact farmers’ incomes directly and keep them in a cycle of low investment and productivity. Farmerline's direct-to-market models remove middlemen and provide multi-stakeholder platforms that facilitate information flows and business transactions between suppliers and buyers.

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